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Has Your Mouth Danced Today?

Our Chocolate Selection

Holiday Ordering

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Haute Cocoa Truffle

Limited Edition!! triple chocolate ganache + azteka inspired spices + mini marshmallows & chocolate chips + dark chocolate

Cherry Bomb Meltaway

brandied cherries + espresso salt + dark chocolate

Shweetie Pie Truffle

salted vanilla bean caramel + roasted almond + white chocolate

Half Past Midnite Truffle

NEW! hazelnut praline butter + Vietnamese cinnamon + coffee infusion + feuilletine flakes + dark chocolate

Tiger Lilly Truffle

blackstrap molasses + coffee infusion + candied ginger + cocoa nibs + milk chocolate

Jimmie Truffle

hot fudge ganache + vanilla bean + rainbow sprinkles + dark chocolate

Old School Truffle

malted milk + vanilla bean + milk chocolate

Maui Wowie Truffle

vanilla bean + black lava salt + white chocolate

Sweet Cheeks Truffle

salted caramel + dark chocolate

Lime Truffle

fresh lime juice + clover honey + white chocolate

Cheers Truffle

rosè champagne + blackberry powder + confectioners sugar + dark chocolate

Red Planet Truffle

red wine soaked strawberries + raspberry powder + dark chocolate (dairy free!)

P. B. Monster Truffle

fresh peanut butter + clover honey + feuilletine crunch + himalayan pink salt + milk chocolate

Frou Frou Truffle

blood orange juice + passion fruit + white chocolate

Pistachio Truffle

pistachio butter + sea salt + milk chocolate

Nut-N-Honey Truffle

black truffle honey + black truffle salt + honey roasted peanut + dark chocolate

Mango Crunch Premium Chocolate Bar

mango passion fruit creme + feuiletine crunch + macadamia nuts + white chocolate

Cup O’ Joe Premium Chocolate Bar

coffee infusion + hazelnuts + almonds + espresso infused salt + dark chocolate

Nutty Premium Chocolate Bar

roasted almonds + pistachios + buttered pecans + black lava salt + milk chocolate

Ninja Premium Chocolate Bar

wasabi peas + black lava salt + white chocolate

Azteka Premium Chocolate Bar

gingerbread spices + ancho chili + cocoa nibs + cayenne pepper + black lava salt + dark chocolate

Terrapin Slider Bar

salted caramel + buttered pecans + milk chocolate

Chomp Monster Bar

black mission figs + salty almonds + dark chocolate

Big Berry Monster Bar

dried cranberries + blueberries + tart cherries + raspberry powder + amoretti cookies + white chocolate

Cashew Pralines

roasted cashews + brown sugar + heavy cream + dark chocolate drizzle


all natural peanut butter + honey roasted peanuts + amaretti cookies + brown sugar + sea salt + white chocolate

Gift Baskets

Great gifts for clients, friends & family!

Dancing Sugar Plums

brandied cherries + chambord + buttered pecans + amaretti cookies + dark chocolate

Baby It’s Cold Outside Bark

peppermint infusion + coffee infusion + white chocolate cookie pearls + dark chocolate + vanilla flaked sea salt

Our Gift Box Prices

We are no longer accepting pre-orders or shipping orders for the holiday season. All items are now on a first come, first served basis, so please come see us!

Call us place an order or to inquire about special pricing on large orders.


If you’re sending your gift, please take a moment to read our shipping policy.

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