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Our Chocolate Selection

Easter Goodies 2015

Monster Eggs, Chocolate Bunnies & Baskets for your Easter giving!

Maui Noir Truffle

Limited Edition! vanilla bean + black lava salt + dark chocolate

Cherry Bomb Meltaway

brandied cherries + espresso salt + dark chocolate

Shweetie Pie Truffle

salted vanilla bean caramel + roasted almond + white chocolate

Half Past Midnite Truffle

NEW! hazelnut praline butter + Vietnamese cinnamon + coffee infusion + feuilletine flakes + dark chocolate

Tiger Lilly Truffle

blackstrap molasses + coffee infusion + candied ginger + cocoa nibs + milk chocolate

Jimmie Truffle

hot fudge ganache + vanilla bean + rainbow sprinkles + dark chocolate

Old School Truffle

malted milk + vanilla bean + milk chocolate

Maui Wowie Truffle

vanilla bean + black lava salt + white chocolate

Sweet Cheeks Truffle

salted caramel + dark chocolate

Lime Truffle

fresh lime juice + clover honey + white chocolate

Cheers Truffle

rosè champagne + blackberry powder + confectioners sugar + dark chocolate

Red Planet Truffle

red wine soaked strawberries + raspberry powder + dark chocolate (dairy free!)

P. B. Monster Truffle

fresh peanut butter + clover honey + feuilletine crunch + himalayan pink salt + milk chocolate

Frou Frou Truffle

blood orange juice + passion fruit + white chocolate

Pistachio Truffle

pistachio butter + sea salt + milk chocolate

Fun-Guy Truffle

black truffle honey + black truffle salt + black truffle olive oil + cocoa nibs + dark chocolate

Mango Crunch Premium Chocolate Bar

mango passion fruit creme + feuiletine crunch + macadamia nuts + white chocolate

Cup O’ Joe Premium Chocolate Bar

coffee infusion + hazelnuts + almonds + espresso infused salt + dark chocolate

Nutty Premium Chocolate Bar

roasted almonds + pistachios + buttered pecans + black lava salt + milk chocolate

Ninja Premium Chocolate Bar

wasabi peas + black lava salt + white chocolate

Azteka Premium Chocolate Bar

gingerbread spices + ancho chili + cocoa nibs + cayenne pepper + black lava salt + dark chocolate

Terrapin Slider Bar

salted caramel + buttered pecans + milk chocolate

Chomp Monster Bar

black mission figs + salty almonds + dark chocolate

Big Berry Monster Bar

dried cranberries + blueberries + tart cherries + raspberry powder + amoretti cookies + white chocolate

Cashew Pralines

roasted cashews + brown sugar + heavy cream + dark chocolate drizzle


all natural peanut butter + honey roasted peanuts + amaretti cookies + brown sugar + sea salt + white chocolate

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